Car air conditioning

You need to stay comfortable when it’s hot or cold outside!

Your car should keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.

Feel more comfortable in your car!

Over time, your car’s air conditioning or heating might not be working as well as it did when new. Many people think this is due to the car’s age, however it’s simply a matter of maintenance. If you’re waiting several minutes for air conditioning to get cool, or your car isn’t blowing warm air after idling for several minutes, it’s time to call the experts. Bring your car in for a complete clean-up and charge-up to keep coolants running cool and heater and defroster running warm as they should.

Call the experts to fix your car’s heater and air conditioning

Problems with heating and cooling may be simple or complex. Contact the professionals at Bend Auto Care to properly diagnose your heating and cooling issues, and receive an estimate.

  • Check coolants, hose leaks and thermostat
  • Complete air conditioning and heater diagnosis
  • Air conditioning and / or heater replacement, if necessary
  • Make systems run efficiently
  • Correct temperature control

 Stay cool in the summer and warm in winter! Call for a FREE consultation!


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