Auto electrical

Leave the electrical issues to the professionals!

Stay safe by keeping your engine and power systems in good condition

Auto electrical

“Dear Mike, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you helping Janelle with her wipers and lights. You’re awesome! Blessings!”
- Cheryl N.
Bend, Oregon

Keep your car’s electrical system in top shape

Keep your car or truck in great shape during all seasons by regularly checking fuses, battery power, and complete electrical systems with our regular diagnostic checking. Blinking lights, lights that seem to fade or power down or trouble starting can each indicate separate power issues – many of them critical. Stay safe and address these problems as soon as possible! Leave your car’s complex electrical issues to the pros who guarantee quality service and repairs!

Trust the experts with lights, locks, windows and more

An inconvenience with your car or truck’s power systems can be a simple problem such as a fuse or blown out bulb, or something more serious. Whether simple or serious, the professionals at Bend Auto Repair can diagnose the problem, offer an estimate and get your repairs completely carefully and on-time. Be sure to call an expert when dealing with power inconveniences such as:

  • Power windows not working
  • Headlights, tail lights or dome lights not working
  • Power locks not working properly
  • Electronics acting oddly
  • Clocks resetting themselves
  • Car stereos and radios not working

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