Mechanic working on car engine

Get the most from your car with regular maintenance

Keeping your car running reliably saves money on fuel and increases the life of your car

Is your car gobbling fuel and oil?

Regular maintenance on your car or truck keeps your engine’s performance in peak condition! Regular tune-ups and oil changes will help your engine run efficiently, without overworking and using more fuel than necessary.

  • Complete engine tune-ups
  • Oil and filter changes

With expensive fuel costs, it’s more important than ever to keep your car in ready-to-go condition.

Extend the life of your car or truck

Keep your car running smoothly with regular check-ups and scheduled maintenance. With proper maintenance you’ll extend the life of your car. In addition to regular tune-ups, keep your engine’s performance in top-shape by:

  • Regular lube job / grease for protection from weather and road conditions
  • Belt checks and replacements
  • Checking hoses and replacements as needed
  • Inspecting and replacing seals

Be sure to schedule visits according to mileage.

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